Structures made of membranes, steel, aluminium, wood and steel cables

Building envelopes in ETFE, glass and stainless steel mesh

Roofs, façades, event venues
and exhibition buildings,
bridges and walkways, scaffolding
structures and sculptures

temporary, permanent and convertible

for private and public clients, architects, general design consultants, general contractors, manufacturers, steel constructors/fabricators, trade fair construction, façade and assembly companies 

in Germany, Europe and worldwide

Februar 2017

Participation in the GU competion for 4 “Greenhouses“ in Tøyen (Norway) teamed with Varden entreprenør and Flexcover.

January 2017

Final acceptance testing of the adventure park in Laupheim (high rope course) by the TÜV Sachsen (Saxony) and the inspecting structural engineer.
The opening of the 8 courses with 80 climbing elements is in April.

CES Las Vegas: Mercedes-Benz presents the vision of tomorrow under the roof of the redesigned “Silver Flow”.

Mercedes-Benz celebrates AMG’s 50th anniversary at the NAIAS in Detroit.
Teamed with scheitlin syfrig architekten AG, Luzern and suisseplan ingenieure AG, Aarau, we submitted our competition entry for the swimming area of the Centro Sportivo Tenero (CH).

Kersten Europe’s visit to Steißlingen with a tour of the production facilities and training about bending technology. Kersten Europe has formed the profiles included in a great number of our projects.

December 2016

In cooperation with the architects of OSBM, Zurich and general contractor and landscape architect suisseplan ingenieure AG, Zurich, we took first place in the competition for the master plan for Sursee Station (CH). Core element is the 125x11m long foil cushion roof with integrated LED illumination. The project starts in February 2017.

Winter excursion with a torchlit hike to Liggeringen to eat Dünnele (regional speciality).

November 2016

17.-19.11.2016 the pavilion is in use again.

The installation of the impressing membrane structure on the “National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel“ in Jerusalem is completed. Based on the design of Moshe Safdie – M.S.A in Boston, U.S.A. ordered by Taiyo Europe, formTL executed the detail design, the structural analysis and the workshop design.

Catholic school St. Paulus, Hamburg-Billstedt:
The 3-layer foil cushion roof is installed. A lot of function could be integrated in the high class design.

3.11.2016 Brickell City Center in Miami is open now.

October 2016

1. - 16.10. Mondial d‘automobile 2016 in Paris:
formTL plans the exhibition stand for Mercedes-Benz

6.10. lecture about the roof and façade structure  of the  AKWA IBOM STADIUM Uyo (Nigeria) by Jürgen Trenkle on the Deutscher Stahlbautag 2016 in Würzburg

26.-.28.10.2016 TENSINET - COST Action TU1303 SYMPOSIUM 2016
‘Novel Structural Skins’  Improving sustainability and efficiency through new structural textile materials and designs.
Newcastle University, United Kingdom
26.10.   16:00 – 16:25 Climate Ribbon™, Brickell City Center Miami, Job Report  by Bernd Stimpfle and Michael Schäffer  
27.10.   09:45 – 10:10 A Project Oriented Approach to Determine Membrane Properties by Bernd Stimpfle and David Günther

September 2015

Central bus station Essen Kupferdreh: midmonth we start with the structural analysis and the structural design for the 100m long foil cushion roof.

August 2016

Forum Kirchberg – seeing again a project of the IPL-days. In train of an inspection of the building Jürgen Trenkle appraises the condition of the membrane of the shopping mall, which after nearly 20 years still looks good.

July 2016

formTL’s new website is online.

The design of the 3-layer ETFE cushion for the court yard covering is finalized. The execution phase has started.

24. July, it is Megathlon in Radolfzell. This year we participate with two teams.

29. July summer fete at the "Surfplatz"

May 2016

Since beginning of May the ETFE façade of Vienna’s businesspark is being installed.

April 2016

04. April: lecture of Gerd Schmid at the congress of architecture in Seregesh (RU): Hightech lightweight materials – engineering, physics, projects

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